Friday, July 30, 2010

Joke 101 #1

Dong and Tok were sitting outside the clinic. Tok happened to be crying very loudly.

Why are you crying?” Dong asked.

I came here for blood test” Tok replied.

Hahahah… You’re afraid of blood test?” Dong asked with a grin on his face.

Of course not…  Last time I went for my blood test they accidentally cut my finger” Tok replied.

As Dong heard this, he immediately began crying.

Tok stopped crying and asked Dong. “Why are you crying now?

To which Dong replied, “I came here for a urine test


P.S. : Do you know Carpet Installation? I just bought a carpet for our living room. I want it fixed for one place.


MiDniGHt DriVer said...

GunGung KA

kuri said...

putol ang putotoy ni dong. LOLz.

quota na pare. pede na mag-blog hiatus. nakadalawang entry na eh. :p

Lord CM said...

paktay ang alaga nya! lolz

napadaan lang :),Add po kita...

nafacamot said...

thanks po sa pagdaan at pag add Lord CM... add din po kita..:)

feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

owww!!! is this serious???


Kawawa naman si jhaki

laughing out loud talaga

sikoletlover said...

walang kupas :)