Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Script - The Script (MAJOR MAJOR)

As you noticed I've change my background music on my page. Before i use to have "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" from the irish band The Script. My friend from Canada "Chek" refer me this song which I personally enjoyed. Another single on their self-titled debut album is "I'm Yours" which is currently playing on my background, one of my favorite. This Band ROCKS.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just Dance

I miss dancing. Way back when I was in grade school I do have a group (crew as they call nowadays). I must admit I’m not that good in dancing. But every now and then I do dance for company entertainment purposes like Christmas party presentation of our section. Would you believe me we have been champs for the last three years. Last year we performed ala JABBAWOCKEEZ/Wonder Girl dance. Although we are not real dancers, we just put a lot of dedications and hard works. Each and everyone share their own choreography to make our piece looks good.

Let me show you guys one basic move.

The hand stand:

Hand stand without camera trick

Note: I can maintain my balance for quite a long time depends on how long my other group mates can have their grip on me.

P.S.:Can you spot Midnight Driver, Daddy Kuri, Enteng and Me (Nafacamot) on the pix below?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Not much work for today. Not much to do so I decided to play a game. One of my favorite past time is playing Plants VS. Zombies. This is simple but very challenging game. I will not make a review regarding this game because there are already a lot of reviews out there. I suggest you try this game for those haven’t played it. I’m sure your going to enjoy and love this game. :D

Sorry for the bad quality of the pix.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Climb

It’s been a year ago when I first got into hiking. I joined the group known as “The Finisher”. Our team loves to hike, run and to have fun in many different ways. My first climb was in Mt. Natib, Orani, Bataan. Mt. Natib is one of three major mountains in Bataan (the other two are Mt. Mariveles and Mt. Samat). Natib is classified as a major climb and 5/9 in difficulty rate. As a newbie in hiking, I expected that it will be not easy for me to climb a mountain as difficult as Mt. Natib. I also heard that that place are full of Limatiks (Blood Suckers/Leeches) so I am having second thought before the climb. But the eagerness to climb a mountain and to join the team pushed me on my limit.

On the day of our hike, it is like that I’m in a middle of a horror/suspense/gruesome movie. Our hike went not that well due to bad weather condition. I wish we could find a lodge to stay until the weather become much better. And because it is raining hard, billions (I’m 99% sure of that estimation) of Limatiks are all over the trail from foot to summit of Mt. Natib making a grin to us and ready to attack. If I where in a movie I would be saying this line, “We can’t escape this. Somebody had to die. Somebody must sacrifice. Let it be me. Let it be me.”  But wait… I don’t want to die. Not just like that. Not without a fight. I want my movie to be happy ending. LOL… :D

To end up my story it is a relief that we did survive beyond all the challenge and difficulties we encountered on that hike. I can’t imagine myself hiking again on Mt. Natib. But I am happy that I experience all of that. (Luckily I can say that because I’m still alive. :D)

Here are some pics:

before ascent

after descent

videokeman mp3
The Climb – Miley Cyrus Music Code

Sweet Sixteen…

My son Christian Gareth turns 16 days old now. Gareth means “gentle”. I named my son after “Sir Gareth” one of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table. Although he’s only 16 days of age I am already thinking of what he may be when he grows up.
Gareth showing his talent...
I think he will be the next Manny Pacqiauo and be the next boxing sensation. Nahh… Not a chance. As if I and his Mom can stand seeing him on the ring being hurt. Although I know for sure that he will be hit 1 or 2 out of 100 punches throws by his opponent. He will definitely win all his fight unless he accidentally hit his self like the picture shown above. But that is not the case I don’t want him to fight. I don’t want him to be like PACMAN period. Hmmmm… in terms of wealth it is OK with me. I wish we will be rich someday like we are having our own company checks that can issue anytime. LOL :D 

I think he will be a celebrity, a star. He will be known not only for his good looks and sexy body but also on his talents in acting, singing, dancing, etc. :D

Gareth on his Sun Flower Plants Vs. Zombies Costume